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Our evidence-based approach to elearning development has been recognized internationally, but our focus is always on you and your learners. Get in touch for more information.

Awarded Gold for Excellence in Learning at the 2021 international Brandon Hall Awards.

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by design.

With Leara, your courses will automatically optimize for every device. We design courses that are intuitive, engaging and beautiful, and they're perfect on every screen.

Our courses use an evidence-based, multi-modal approach that combines engaging, media-rich elements like narration, animation, video and custom interactions with beautiful design. Get in touch to learn more about our process.

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  • “Our learners love that they can access training on the device of their choice - we’re lowering costs and building the future of our company.”

Who we are

Leara is a full-service, client-focused elearning company based in Calgary, Canada. We do everything elearning, including course development, LMS implementation, instructional design, and SCORM consulting. We are known for exceptional customer experience, evidence-based approaches and leadership in mobile elearning.

We've been passionately creating elearning since 1999, so we've seen a ton of transformation in the industry. Our passion led us to the development of our in-house, innovative, award-winning content creation tool, Respond5, which helps us design intelligent, accessible solutions for you and your learners.

The name Leara [Lair·uh] is inspired by the Icelandic word læra, meaning both to learn and to teach. We love that this single word encompases both elements, which are at the heart of our purpose. Our mission is not just to upskill, train or onboard, but to inspire, make positive change and empower.

What sets us apart?

We do things smarter.
Here's how.

Fully-responsive courses

Our courses are fully responsive - meaning they're intelligently optimized for every screen size, automatically optimizing size, layout and interactions for every device. Your learners get the best experience on every screen.

Easy maintenance

After we deliver your course, our technology allows your team to easily edit your own content. Intuitively edit inline, then just click "publish" and your content will be updated everywhere it's hosted - instantly.

Elegant design

Our use of Google's Material Design ensures your course looks great from the start, minimizes cognitive load on learners, and incorporates your branding throughout. The courses we design are beautiful, interactive, and engaging.

The science of learning

Our evidence-based approach applies the science of learning to every course we create. The power of learning science drives our course design and leads to smarter learning programs that really make an impact.

Media-rich content

Our award-winning technology allows for narrated elements, videos and engaging interactions that work on all devices - including iPhones. This technology has been licensed to NASA and Expedia, and we can bring this expertise to your next project, big or small.

Technical expertise

We are elearning, LMS and SCORM experts. Our content is fully SCORM-compliant and automatically handles tracking, flow-control and bookmarking - and it works in any LMS. We also offer our "Micro LMS" for those looking for simpler, more cost-effective tracking.

Trusted by industry leaders

We have experience across every sector, and we use our expertise to help you succeed. With options for every budget, we work with companies of all sizes. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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Our work

A few award-winning samples - get in touch to see more.

The Lung Health Foundation

A module from a highly-engaging series dealing with smoking and vaping in young people. Custom interactions were created to meet specific instructional goals and the entire course is fully responsive.

View Demo

Natural Health Services

A solution designed for a leading cannabinoid medical clinic that provides cannabis education to patients, physicians and staff.

View Demo

Empowered Startups

Empowered Startups is a world leader in startup methodology training and this series of courses has won 4 major awards. This module was created for international startup founders with varied English language skills, so the narration speed is adjustable.

View Demo

Champions of customer service

Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time, and with a 100% customer-satisfaction rate, we think it's working :) Get in touch to find out how we can help you reach your learning goals.


Working with Leara has definitely surpassed all my expectations. I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism, quality, and level of support I experienced throughout the entire project.

— Debbie Lee, Alberta College of Pharmacists


Responsive and honorable – they deliver fast, on time and on budget. True experts.

— Tracy Campbell, Calliou Group


Always awesome support. We always appreciate your progress to improve the eLearning world with fresh approaches and ideas!​

— Ralf Schroter, Lufthansa


The quality of the work is exceptional, projects are completed on time, and the customer service is unbeatable.

— Natalie Duncan, Indian Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center


More than a vendor – A trusted advisor.

— Cheryl Lepatski, PCL Construction


Leara has been a dream partner for our elearning project. They delivered expert insights that were incredibly valuable and often above and beyond the scope of work planned. Exceptional work on a very tight and demanding timeline.

— Naheed Henderson, Empowered Startups

Social good

We love an amazing organization called Sun Books, an initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, who's mission is to eradicate illiteracy in children. They're doing this in a remarkable way - by providing solar-powered tablets pre-loaded with ebooks, literacy activities, and educational content to remote, underprivileged classrooms around the world. They equip areas without internet or electricity with sustainable, solar-powered digital learning tools while preserving local language and culture and supporting and training teachers. We think they're incredible and have donated a portion of our revenues to them since 2017. Get in touch to learn more.


eLearning that empowers.

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